Station History

The first lifeboat was sent to the station.

The lifeboat saved 45 men from HMS Pallas in two trips and, in attempting a third, was ‘upset and drowned nearly all’.

The lifeboat was sold and the lifeboat station closed.

A Silver Medal and £3 was awarded to Coastguard Randal Stap for wading through heavy surf and bringing ashore the master of the wrecked sloop Brothers.

January: a Silver Medal was awarded to Coastguard James Brown for rescuing the master and one of the crew from the schooner Susan.

February: a Silver Medal was awarded to Robert Turnbull, a fisherman, for rescuing two people when the fishing yawl William and James was wrecked.

A new lifeboat station was established by the RNLI and a boathouse was built costing £165.

On 13 October the lifeboat capsized whilst on exercise with the loss of two of her crew, Clements and Robert Harkis.

The existing lifeboat house was demolished and a new one built at a cost of £633.

A Silver Medal was awarded to Coxswain Walter Fairbairn for the rescue of six from the steamship King Ja Ja.

A second lifeboat station was opened at Skateraw, south of Dunbar, and manned by crew from Dunbar.

The last horse-drawn launch was carried out.

A Centenary Vellum was awarded.

The lifeboat was placed afloat at moorings. The boathouse was then used as a gear store and crew room.

The second lifeboat was withdrawn and the station at Skateraw closed.

Second Coxswain R Brunton was awarded a Royal Humane Society’s testimonial on parchment for rescuing a boy who had fallen over the cliffs.

A 150th anniversary commemorative Vellum was awarded.

An inshore lifeboat station was established with a D class lifeboat.

A Bronze Medal was awarded to David Brunton who dived into the sea from the lifeboat to rescue an injured man in the water. The Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum was awarded to Jonathan Alston and Framed Letters of Thanks were awarded to the remaining five crew members.

The Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum was awarded to Coxswain Robert Wight when the lifeboat Hugh William Viscount Gough searched for divers in difficulty between St Abbs and Eyemouth in hurricane seas.

A low-water mooring berth was provided at Torness Harbour, south of Dunbar. The lifeboat is kept here when crossing the harbour entrance at Dunbar is not possible.

A Waveney class all weather lifeboat arrived at the station.

The Waveney class lifeboat was withdrawn and replaced by the Trent class lifeboat Sir Ronald Pechell Bt.

Improved crew facilities and housing for the D class lifeboat and launching vehicle were built.

A new D class lifeboat The Hastings was placed on service.

The Trustees voted that the station be awarded a Vellum in 2008 to commemorate its 200th anniversary.

A new D class lifeboat, D-708 Jimmy Miff, was placed on service on 8 January.

Station honours

At Dunbar Lifeboat Station the following awards have been made:

Framed Letters of Thanks 5

Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum 2

Bronze Medal 1

Silver Medal 4