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Training Exercise Turns into the Real Thing for Dunbar Volunteers

A training exercise turned into the real thing for Dunbar lifeboat volunteer crew when a yacht became stuck on rocks tonight.

The crew of Dunbar’s inshore lifeboat (ILB) had launched for training when it was diverted to the entrance of the town’s harbour where the yacht, with one person on board, was stuck.

With an ebbing tide and low water at 9.28pm, the volunteer crew reacted quickly, connecting a towrope to the masthead before pulling the yacht onto its starboard side to reduce the draught of the vessel.

They eventually managed to get the yacht off the rocks and helped it safely anchor outside the harbour.

The incident was a timely reminder for any yacht crew visiting new harbours to always check the tide times and use an up-to-date almanac.

Crew: Gaz Crowe, Rebecca Miller, Chris Woods and Rowan Davies