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Long Day For Dunbar Lifeboat.

On Sunday morning Dunbar Lifeboat were paged at 08:19am to assist with a yacht which was already being escorted by Eyemouth Lifeboat. At around 4am Aberdeen Coastguard received reports from the yacht that they were taking on water and were in danger of sinking approximately 13 miles east of Eyemouth. As Eyemouth lifeboat arrived on scene, a Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer had placed two salvage pumps on board the yacht. Eyemouth stood by and escorted the yacht as it made its way up the Firth of Forth as the pumps held the ingress of water until they were just off Dunbar.

When Dunbar Lifeboat arrived on scene they took over from Eyemouth and sat 20 meter’s in front of the vessel to try brake the force 5/6 weather conditions. Due to the size of the casualty (66 foot) the only place suitable for her to lie was at Leith docks in Edinburgh.

Once the vessel was just east of the bass rock, the skipper informed the lifeboat crew that they had suffered engine failure and requested a tow the rest of the way. The crew quickly got a tow to the yacht and proceeded on their way. Just before entering Leith, Dunbar asked if they could have the assistance of Kinghorn Lifeboat to act as a tug and help with manoeuvring the 40 tonne vessel into the docks.

When Kinghorn arrived they passed a tow to the stern of the yacht and started acting as the ‘brake’ as the yacht was towed into the lock with the ALB. With the strong winds they continued to assist with pushing and pulling both boats in the confines of the harbour. The yacht was safely tied up at the back end of the docks. This was an interesting shout for both crews and a good example of teamwork. Both crews worked together well, and was a testament to the quality of the RNLI’s training programmed that the two crews were able to successfully and efficiently berth this yacht. After nine hours of standing by vessel the crew were happy to see a follow crew member standing on the pier with chips for both boats. Just what was needed after a long day!!

Dunbar lifeboat returned to Torness where it was refuelled and made ready for service around 21:30.Pictures from crew member Gaz crowe. 

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