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Inshore Lifeboat launched to broken down pleasure craft 31-7-17

This morning at 10:20 the volunteer crew of our inshore lifeboat were tasked by the UK coastguard after they received a call from a skipper on board a local pleasure craft who suffered engine failure about half a mile north of Dunbar Harbour. 

The crew quickly launched the inshore lifeboat and made best speed towards the casualty vessel. On arrival a local fishing boat,Fiddlers Green, had kindly stopped to assist and already had the small pleasure craft under tow back to the harbour. With the skipper of Fiddlers green happy to continue, the ILB stood by until they were safely in the harbour. 

The inshore lifeboat then took over the tow to assist helping the skipper onto his mooring in Cromwell harbour. The Inshore lifeboat was then recovered a short time after and made ready for service once again. 


If you see anyone in trouble at sea or even find yourself in need of help dial 999 and ask for the coastguard. 

Crew: Gaz Crowe, Rebecca Miller, Dougie White, Andy Hajduk