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ILB launched to reports of small inflatable adrift west of harbour.

On Friday evening at 18:20 Aberdeen Coastguard paged the crew of Dunbar's ILB after they received a call about a small inflatable drifting west of the harbour. 

Once the ILB was launched, Aberdeen updated the ILB that the small boat was on the rocks in front of the Bayswell park hotel. After a small search nothing was found and a crew member was transferred onto the rocks to check the small gulleys along with Dunbar's Coastguard team. Aberdeen Coastguard then asked the ILB to search further west towards Belhaven bay close into the rocks. The ILB then spotted the small vessel a short time after. The inflatable looked to have been untied and left to drift free from the harbour.

The inflatable was recovered and brought back to station. The ILB was then refuelled and made ready for service.