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ILB Launched to Person In The Water

Dunbar ILB was paged at 18:12 by Aberdeen Coastguard last night to a casualty with back and neck pains.

A young boy, that had been taking part in a local Coasteering group adventure, landed wrong into the water. It is believed the boy jumped from about 8 meters into the water. Due to the nature of the injury 7 ILB crew entered the water to help with the immobilisation. Rescue helicopter 177 from Prestwick and an Ambulance were also tasked.

The ILB crew treated the casualty for neck and spinal injuries in the water before moving him onto the ILB in a stretcher. The ILB crew transferred the casualty back to the harbour to the waiting Ambulance while Rescue 177 touched down at Winterfield park to wait for an update from the paramedics. After assessing the casualty at the harbour it was decided that the Ambulance would transport the boy to Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital by road so Rescue 177 was stood down.

The boy was later discharged from Hospital being a little bit sore but ok.