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ILB Launched to kayaker in difficulty off East beach.

Last Wednesday 29/7/15  at 17:21 Aberdeen coastguard alerted the crew of Dunbar's ILB when they received a call  about two kayaks in trouble just off the east beach. 

The first informant told Aberdeen that one of the kayakers had been hit by a wave and knocked overboard. Once the ILB was launched they made best speed towards the area in which the casualty had been spotted, by this time the casualty had made it back onto their kayak and away from the danger zone of the breaking waves but had unfortunately lost their paddle.  The other kayaker tried to find the paddle while heading back towards shore. 

The ILB secured the kayak along side and transferred the casualty on-board and proceeded back to Dunbar harbour. Just before entering the harbour the crew and casualty were joined by a small pod of Porpoises playing in the waves.

Once in the safety of the harbour the crew assisted the casualty and the kayak ashore. The ILB was then recovered and made ready for service a short time after.