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ILB Launched to injured man in harbour.

Dunbar's ILB was launched on Tuesday evening when reports of an injured man onboard a dredging vessel that was working within the harbour.  Due to the nature of the injured man it was decided to wait for the ambulance crew and also medical flying squad to arrive at the harbour before transferring him to the barge. The casualty had suffered serious back pains and could not move himself from the living quarters.

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 Between the Lifeboat crew, local Coast guard team and medics the casualty was transferred by stretcher to the Lifeboat due to the ebbing tide being to low to lift the casualty up the pier. The ILB then transferred the casualty and medics onboard  to the slipway where the ambulance was waiting before taking him to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for tests.

The ILB was then refuelled and made ready for service.