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ILB launches to a mayday.

Dunbar’s ILB launched last Tuesday 26th of August at 3:00pm when the stations coxswain and mechanic heard a mayday come over the radio. The vessel was a small pleasure craft that was just off the back of the harbour when the boat's engine worked itself loose which ended up going overboard. The ILB was quickly launched and was on scene within minutes. Once the casualty was calmed down the ILB towed the boat back into the harbour where it was tied up alongside the pier. Dunbar’s ILB returned to station where it was refuelled and made ready for service.

The ILB was also called out twice on the Saturday the 23rd of August. The first shout for our crew was at 2:15pm when a local boat broke down just meters away from the harbour entrance. The vessel suffered engine failure just as it was returning to the harbour, from the time the ILB was launched and on scene the vessel managed to restart its engine and asked if the ILB would escort them into the harbour. The second shout was for a local yacht that also had suffered engine failure approximately half a mile of the harbour. The ILB towed the yacht back to its mooring and returned to the station after a busy day.


Picture from our shout on the 26th

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