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ILB Crew Assists with Missing Persons Search 7/5/19

Dunbar’s inshore lifeboat (ILB) crew joined police, North Berwick Coastguard and UK Coastguard’s search and rescue helicopter in a search for three casualties in the area of Tyninghame and Ravensheugh Sands this afternoon (Tues).

Also on scene were Police Scotland’s Search Dog Team, Scottish Ambulance Service personnel including their Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and Border Search and Rescue Unit. The Police Scotland Air Support Unit was also tasked but cancelled before takeoff.

After UK Coastguard paged for the ILB, our volunteer crew were quickly on scene and began a search from Wildfire Point to Peffer Sands. Coastguards located the first casualty and the crew continued their search. A second casualty was located by police and a short time later they also found the third casualty.

All casualties were checked over by paramedics and the Coastguard stood down all assets. The ILB crew returned to Dunbar Harbour where the lifeboat was refuelled and made ready for service.

Crew: Gaz Crowe, Chris Woods, Andrzej Hajduk, Kieran Fairbairn