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ILB Called to Assist Injured Woman 5/6/17

ILB JM-beach.jpg

Dunbar Crew Assist in Recovery of Injured Woman

Dunbar’s volunteer lifeboat crew came to the assistance of an injured woman at the bottom of cliffs near the town’s castle rocks on Monday morning.

Following a request from UK Coastguard to assist emergency services already tending to the 43-year-old female, the crew of the inshore lifeboat (ILB) the Jimmy Miff arrived on scene, close to Dunbar Leisure Pool, at 6.59am. 

The woman had suffered several suspected injuries and after being assessed by ambulance service medics, assisted by members of the coastguard, it was decided to recover the woman via the lifeboat.

After retrieving a suitable rigid basket stretcher, the crew assisted in recovering the woman safely to the ILB and returned to the harbour where she was transferred to a waiting ambulance at 7.19am.

On a lighter note, the crew were then immediately tasked to investigate a seemingly un-manned boat that was drifting in the harbour. After launching again, one of the volunteers boarded the boat and discovered two crewmen sleeping inside, unaware their vessel had slipped its mooring.

Grateful for their early morning wake-up call, the men, on passage from Fraserburgh to the Isle of Wight, moved their boat to a safe berth.

By 7.40am the ILB was returned to the boathouse and ready for service.


Crew: Gary Fairbairn, Rebecca Miller, Chris Woods, Douglas Wight