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ILB & ALB paged to reports of windsurfers in difficulty

At 18:33 Aberdeen Coastguard paged the crew of Dunbar Lifeboat station after they received a call reporting two windsurfers in difficulty off Belhaven Bay. 

Once the crew had assembled at the station, more details of the situation had been passed over to the deputy launch authority, it was decided that due to the heavy seas, the ALB would also launch to assist the ILB down to belhaven. The ILB was launched into the harbour to await the ALB.

While the crew of the inshore lifeboat were waiting for the all weather lifeboat, Aberdeen Coastguard who were in contact with the first informant were informed that both windsurfers had made it back to the beach themselves. Dunbar's coastguard team made contact with the two casualties who did not need any medical assistance.

Both Dunbar lifeboats were stood down a short time after.