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ILB & ALB Launched to search for small speed boat with 3 people on-board

On Saturday afternoon the crew of Dunbar Lifeboat were paged by Aberdeen Coastguard at 15:57 after they were contacted by 3 people on a small speed boat who became lost after leaving Peffer sands.

The closing weather made visibility extremely poor and the three people on board the vessel had no idea of their location. They did not have any safety equipment or hand held VHF radio. The ALB was quickly launched from Torness and was instructed to conduct a search from Torness towards the Bass rock. Aberdeen then asked the ALB to set of one white flare to see if the vessel could see it from there location, however with the weather conditions as bad,nothing was seen from the causality. 

The RV ALBA NA MARA a surveying vessel was also in the area and was asked to help search for the small vessel. Once the ALB was north of Dunbar, Aberdeen asked again to set of two white flares as the causality reported they could see another vessel heading towards them. After both flares had been fired they reported they had both been seen with the vessel still heading towards there location. Dunbars ILB was also tasked to search west of Dunbar heading towards the bass rock. After a short search the RV ALBA NA MARA reported they had a small vessel in front of there location with three persons on-board  signalling them. Dunbars ALB proceeded towards the ALBA NA MARA to confirm that it was the causality vessel.

Once on scene the ALB transferred the causality's on board and secured the speed boat with a tow back to Dunbar harbour along with the ILB along side. After entering the harbour the ILB secured the boat along side the pier.North Berwick and Dunbars Coastguard teams were on hand to assist with the causality's. The ILB was then recovered and made ready for service. The ALB then headed back towards Torness to be made ready for service also.