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First shout of 2016 for Dunbars ALB

On Wednesday afternoon at 12:40 Aberdeen coastguard received a call from the fishing vessel L'Ogien a sixteen meter trawler who had suffered a broken hydraulic pipe to his turbo. The vessel was 8 miles north east of Torness and required a tow back to Eyemouth harbour.

credit Gary Fairbairn 

credit Gary Fairbairn 

Dunbars ALB was launched and proceeded towards the vessel at best speed. Once on scene at 13:30 a tow had been established and the slow process of towing the 90 tonne vessel back to Eyemouth began. Due to the draft of the L'Ogien it wouldn't be possible to enter the harbour until 20:00.

Dunbar lifeboat proceeded towing the vessel from Eyemouth to St Abbs until there was enough water in the harbour. Eyemouth lifeboat were then launched around 17:30 and took over the tow from Dunbar.  After a couple of hours the tide had risen enough to allow the sixteen meter vessel to enter the harbour. Dunbars ALBtook up position as a stern tow and acted as a brake while entering the harbour. Both lifeboats worked together as a team to safely bring the vessel into the harbour and alongside the pier at 20:30.

Dunbars ALB then returned home and was made ready for service at 22:30.