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Dunbar Volunteers Race to Aid Stricken Fishing Boat 21/6/17

Dunbar’s RNLI lifeboat volunteers were called to assist a fishing boat that suffered engine failure this afternoon (Wednesday).


The three Lithuanian crew of the unnamed vessel got into difficulties outside Torness harbour at 3.50pm. They were initially helped by the passing boat Jacob George whose crew tried to tow them towards Torness.

However the crew of the fishing vessel wanted to aim for nearby Skateraw beach but instead drifted onto rocks west of the shore.

Dunbar’s inshore lifeboat (ILB) the Jimmy Miff was launched and arrived on scene at around 4.10pm. The volunteers found the men trying to guide the boat ashore, with one crew member up to his chest in water. The lifeboat crew helped them get the boat on the trailer and safely ashore, while UK Coastguard shore crewmembers were there to supervise.

The ILB then returned to Dunbar and by 4.50pm had refuelled and was ready for service.


Crew: Gary Crowe, Quentin Dimmer, Douglas Wight