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Dunbar Volunteers Join Two Other Lifeboats and Helicopter in Search

Dunbar volunteer crew today (Friday) joined lifeboats from North Berwick and Kinghorn and a Coastguard search and rescue helicopter in a search after a windsurf board was found drifting in the Firth of Forth.

The alarm was raised at 2.17pm and North Berwick’s D class in-shore lifeboat (ILB) was launched following a report that the unmanned board, which was missing a sail, was floating in the water four miles north west of the East Lothian town. A search of the area failed to find any person or equipment connected to the board.



By 3.30pm Dunbar’s all weather lifeboat (ALB) and Kinghorn lifeboat crew, as well as the Rescue 999 helicopter from Prestwick, Ayrshire, were also called to assist in the operation. An exhaustive search of the area, taking into account wind and tide, turned up nothing suspicious. On inspection it was concluded that the board was old and did not have fittings that suggested it had been used recently for windsurfing. At 5.15pm the coastguard stood down all assets.


Crew from Dunbar ALB John Neville Taylor recovered the board and returned to Torness where the lifeboat was refuelled and readied for service.

Crew: Mark Anderson, Rowan Davies, Gordon Kirkham, David Kittrick, Ross McMullen, Alistair Punton, Douglas Wight