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Dunbar Inshore lifeboat launched to yacht with engine failure 03/06/16

Yacht Rescue Highlights Need For Proper Engine Checks

Dunbar RNLI volunteer crew were called out on Friday afternoon to a yacht stranded without power when its engine failed five miles east of Bass Rock.

The yacht was on a short passage from Dunbar to Anstruther, Fife, when the engine mount snapped, rendering the vessel powerless and without enough wind to sail back to harbour.

Dunbar’s D class inshore lifeboat (ILB) Jimmy Miff was launched at 12.15pm. The volunteer crew towed the boat back to Dunbar Harbour and helped it to a mooring.

Dunbar RNLI coxswain Gary Fairbairn said the incident highlighted how vital it was for anyone taking to the water to take necessary precautions.

Gary said: “We were glad the volunteer crew were there to help but it’s important everyone makes sure their boat is in good working order and they are properly equipped for their journey.”

The ILB returned to the boathouse and was ready for service by 3pm.


Crew: David Kittrick, Gordon Kirkham, Gary Crowe, Allan Ross