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Dunbar ILB launched to reports of person in trouble off Belhaven Bay

On Thursday 14th of April at 15:21 the volunteer crew of Dunbars Inshore lifeboat the 'Jimmy Miff' were paged to reports of person in difficulty at Belhaven Bay.

Aberdeen Coastguard received a call from a concerned member of the public who had witnessed a person in the water to the East side of Belhaven. The first informant had belived to see the casualty enter the water for a short period until they lost sight of the person around the point of the golf course. 

Dunbars inshore lifeboat was quickly launched and conducted a search towards Belhaven Bay. Dunbar Coastguard team also attended and searched from Winterfeild club house down towards Belhaven while another team searched from the club house back to the harbour. 

After a short period of searching on land and sea a person matching the description was found near the Harbour on land. After speaking with person it was then confirmed that this was the casualty. They confirmed that they did go in the water but made there way around the coast then continued on there walk along the coast line. 

This was false alarm but with good intend for the crew at Dunbar. If you ever see anyone in difficulty please never try to help them yourself! Dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

  Crew: Alan Blair, Kevin Keillor, Rowan Davies, Christopher Woodsss