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Dunbar Crews Called to Rescue Children From Cave 24/11/18

Dunbar volunteer lifeboat crews rescued three children from a cave when they were cut off by a rising tide on Saturday afternoon (Nov 24).


The three children – a boy and girl aged 12 and one 11-year-old girl – had been playing near the ‘eye cave’ near the town’s harbour when they became cut off. They were stranded for nearly two hours before the boy dialled 999 for help.

UK Coastguard paged for the lifeboat at 2.34pm. Moments later the D-class inshore lifeboat (ILB) launched and within minutes had located the children. Two volunteer crew went ashore and checked the state of the children. They found two of them cold and shivering and their feet were wet from their attempts to wade through the rising water, but they were otherwise unhurt.

The crew fitted the children with lifejackets and guided them safely into the lifeboat. The ILB then returned to the harbour where the children were assessed by a waiting ambulance crew.

Meanwhile, Dunbar’s all-weather lifeboat (ALB) launched from its mooring at Torness in case it was needed to provide assistance but it was stood down before reaching the harbour.

A spokesman for Dunbar RNLI said: “This incident showed how easy it can be to be cut off by the tide. The children were aware of the risks and usually checked the tide times but on this occasion they forgot. However they did the right thing by dialling 999 and asking for the Coastguard.

“Getting cut off by the tide contributes to a significant number of RNLI rescues every year. The RNLI encourages everyone to enjoy the coastline safely and advises to check weather and tides before you set out, wear appropriate clothing and footwear and make sure you have a charged mobile phone with you.”

The ILB was refuelled and made ready for service by 3.30pm.


ILB: Gaz Crowe, Jamie Forrester, Rebecca Miller

ALB: Gary Fairbairn, Alan Blair, Alistair Punton, Chris Woods, Kevan Jamieson, Stuart Crichton, Andrzej Hajduk