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Dunbar Crew Assist Burn Victim on Belhaven Beach 30/6/18

The dangers of beach barbecues were highlighted on Saturday (June 30) as Dunbar’s volunteer lifeboat crew assisted a man who badly burned his feet on hot sand at Belhaven Beach.

Dunbar’s inshore lifeboat (ILB) launched at 5.35pm after UK Coastguard received a report of the incident, which happened just after 5pm.

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The volunteers arrived on scene to find the man with severe blisters on his feet and in considerable pain. He and his partner had been enjoying a barbecue on the beach. When the barbecue cooled they moved it elsewhere but the man stood on sand where the disposable tray had been sitting. The heat of the sand was such his feet blistered.

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Crew members used burn bags to protect the man’s feet as they, with help from two surfers, transferred him to the lifeboat. They then headed to the nearby chalets at Shore Road, where an ambulance crew was waiting to treat the man for his injuries.

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The lifeboat crew then returned to Dunbar Harbour where the ILB was refueled and made ready for service.

A spokesman for Dunbar RNLI said: “The recent warm weather is ideal for beach barbecues but we would urge people to take care. Even when a barbecue has cooled the heat of the sand underneath can be considerable, as this man’s injuries demonstrated.”

The lifeboat crew also wishes to extend its thanks to the two surfers who not only helped raise the alarm, but also guided the crew to the exact location and helped transfer the man for treatment.

Crew: Alan Blair, Gaz Crowe, Gordon Kirkham, Laura Kirkham