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Dunbar all weather lifeboat launched to assist fishing vessel 14/9/16

Aberdeen coastguard paged the volunteer crew of the Dunbar all weather lifeboat this morning at 07:50 after a local fishing vessel had become tail tied in there fishing equipment 5 miles nor east of Dunbar harbour. 

The crew made the 6 mile journey by the station land rover to Torness and quickly launched the all weather lifeboat (ALB) and made best speed towards the casualty. Once on scene a tow was quickly passed over to the fishing vessel and began the journey back to Dunbar harbour.

Due to the state of tide at the time the lifeboat had reached Dunbar, it was not possible to enter with the fishing vessel in tow, so had to proceed towing the vessel along the coast until such a time it was safe to enter the harbour.

After towing for a couple of hours it was deemed safe to attempt entry into the harbour where Dunbar coastguard team were on hand to assist on tying the vessel up safely. A short period after Dunbar's ALB returned to Torness where it was made ready for service.  

Crew: Gary Fairbairn, Gipper Ainslie, Alistair Punton, Gordan Mackay, Iain McDougall, Gaz Crowe, Rebecca Miller, Chris Woods.