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Crew Training Course Cut Short to Assist in Shoreside Rescue

Volunteers taking part in a day skipper course at Dunbar Lifeboat Station had their learning temporarily halted at 20.15 yesterday evening (Tuesday) to assist Coastguard teams in the location and recovery of two young men stuck on rocks at Dunbar Castle.

The 3 volunteers were joined by a Helmsman to launch the inshore lifeboat, quickly arriving on scene and commencing a visual search for the two casualties.

Despite the speedy launch, Coastguard teams from North Berwick and Dunbar had already been successful in locating the two men and ensuring their safe navigation off of the rocks.

The lifeboat was stood down, made ready for continued service and the crew were able to return to their training.

A spokesperson from Dunbar Lifeboat Station said, “It’s encouraging that our crew were able to respond to a shout such as this so quickly as the outcome could have been far more problematic for the casualties. The ground surface at Dunbar Castle is extremely precarious with slippery, loose rocks, soft uneven ground and steep cliffs. Access to the Castle is prohibited with good reason and we encourage members of the public to follow the signage notifying this.”

Crew: Gordon Kirkham, Andrzej Hajduk, Kieran Fairbairn, Nick Mailer