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Crew Called to Help People Stranded by Tide 18/9/16

Dunbar lifeboat crew rushed to the aid of two people caught out by the tide this afternoon (Sunday).

The alarm was raised when the two females were stranded by high water, cutting them off from the shoreline at Belhaven Bay, at 4pm.

The inshore lifeboat (ILB) was launched and was on scene within minutes. Crew found the two stuck on a small piece of ground that had not been submerged at high tide. Both were taken by lifeboat to the shore. There they were met by Coastguards and police and were reunited with other members of their party who had also been cut off but had managed to walk back to their car at John Muir Country Park.

The ILB returned to Dunbar Harbour where it was refuelled and readied for service.

Crew: Gordon Kirkham, Rowan Davies, Adrian Lavery, Douglas Wight