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Busy Day for Dunbar Volunteers With Two Call Outs 31/7/18

It was a busy day for the volunteer crew of Dunbar lifeboat station on Tuesday 31-7-18 receiving two calls just hours apart. 


The first shout was at 13: 05 after UK Coastguard received a call from a member of the public who was concerned for the welfare of two double kayaks south of the Bass Rock. With an off shore wind the concerned member of the public was worried they were being blown further offshore.

Dunbars all weather lifeboat was launched and made best speed towards the last sighting of the two kayaks. North Berwick lifeboat was also tasked and was on scene first, after a short search the kayaks were discovered near Seacliff beach safe and well. With no further need for either lifeboats, both were stood down and returned to station and on this occasion it was a false alarm with good intent. 



The second shout of the day was at 16:54 after UK Coastguard had reports from a member of the public that a female with a small child and dog were going to be cut of by the tide at Belhaven Bay near the bridge to no where.  Dunbars Inshore lifeboat was quickly launched and made their way to Belhaven beach. Upon arrival just 30ft away from the beach it was understood the casualties had safely made their way across the marsh land  into John Muir country park. The inshore lifeboat was stood down and returned to station to be refuelled and once again ready for service. 

If you ever see anyone in trouble near or on the coast dial 999 and ask for the coastguard. Both occasions were false alarms with good intent but could have  both easily been different scenario's. 

ALB crew; Gary Fairbairn, Chris Woods, Alistair Punton, Gordon Kirkham, Ross McMullen, Iain McDougall, Rowan Davies, Rebecca Miller. 

ILB crew; Alan Blair, Gaz Crowe,Rowan Davies, Andrzej Hjduk