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Both Lifeboats Launched To Boat On Rocks 28/7/18

boat on rocks 7.PNG

On Saturday afternoon 28-7-18 at 14:15, UK Coastguard received a call from a concerned member of the public who could see a boat on the rocks at Skateraw harbour with two persons in the water along side it. 

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With reports of people in the water it was decided that both boats were to launch, The all weather lifeboat was on scene first and was able to update the coastguard that the small pleasure boat was on the reef at Chapel point near Skateraw. Unfortunately due to the position of the vessel the all weather lifeboat was unable to reach the casualty without the danger of hitting rocks itself and awaited the arrival of the inshore lifeboat. 

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Shortly after the inshore lifeboat was on scene, a crew member was transferred over to speak to the casualties and asses the damage on the vessel. With no injures to either casualties it was advised that they both make their way to Skateraw beach along with Dunbar and North Berwick coastguard teams. One of the inshore crew managed to re-float the vessel and the inshore was able to establish an along side tow back towards the beach at Skateraw. Two other crew members were transferred from the all weather lifeboat to assist in recovering the boat. 

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The crew managed to beach the vessel with help from Dunbar and North Berwick coastguard teams and handed the boat back to the owners to allow recovery onto its trailer. 

Both boats then returned to station shortly after 15:15 to be refueled and made ready for service once again.

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ALB crew: Gary Fairbairn, Alistair Puton, Chris Woods, Gaz Crowe, Stuart Crichton, Rob Campbell. 

ILB crew: Gordon Kirkham, Alan Blair, Laura Kirkham.