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Both Dunbar Lifeboats Launched to Reports of Person In Water 16-9-18


Both Dunbar’s lifeboats launched yesterday afternoon (Sunday) after UK Coastguard received a call from a concerned member of the public that they could see what looked like an upturned inflatable boat near the water outlet at Torness Power Station.


Although the all-weather lifeboat (ALB) is usually moored at Torness, it was temporarily at Dunbar Harbour. After receiving the initial call at 3.26pm both the ALB and the inshore (ILB) were launched within minutes from the harbour and made best speed to the area in which the object was seen. Once on scene the ALB crew searched for signs of the boat and spotted something in the water.


They discovered it was gentleman spear fishing. He was experienced and well equipped and was not in distress. He informed the crew he wished to continue for a few more minutes. The crews stood by for 20 minutes until he was ready to go ashore.

Both boats returned to Dunbar Harbour where they were refuelled and ready for service by 5.26pm.



ALB: Gary Fairbairn, Chris Woods, Alistair Punton, Ian Mcdougall, Nick Mailer

ILB: Gaz Crowe, Rowan Davies, Andrzej Hajduk