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Both Dunbar Boats Tasked In Missing Surfer Search

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Dunbar’s RNLI lifeboat volunteers were called out to search for a possible missing surfer on Wednesday (Dec 27).

The alarm was raised when a member of the public lost sight of a surfer they had earlier seen in the water at East Beach shortly before 10.20am. UK coastguard requested both the all-weather (ALB) and inshore (ILB) lifeboats to launch.

Both crews conducted a search of the coastline from Cromwell Harbour to Dunbar Golf Club but there was no sign of a person in the water or surfboard. Members of Dunbar Coastguard also joined in the search from the shoreline.

The ILB was tasked to Belhaven Bay to see if any other surfers had relevant information but sea conditions prevented the crew from going ashore.

At 11.47am, after an extensive search, both assets were stood down.


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ALB: Gary Fairbairn, Gipper Ainslie, Alistair Punton, Gaz Crowe, Chris Woodss, Kevan Jamieson, Quentin Dimmer and Mike Garfitt

ILB: Alan Blair, Gordon Kirkham, Rebecca Miller, Douglas Wight

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