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Both Dunbar boats called to children cut off from tide


Dunbar's two volunteer lifeboats raced to Pease Bay Leisure Park this afternoon (Tues) after receiving a report that two girls were cut off from the tide.

UK Coastguard paged for both the all weather (ALB) and inshore (ILB) lifeboats at 2.23pm once the alarm was raised at the park, at Cockburnspath, Berwickshire. The ALB launched from Torness while the ILB left from Dunbar Harbour and both arrived on scene at around 2.50pm.

At that time both girls were found safe and well and were back with their parents. 
The coastguard stood down both assets.

Due to blustery winds caused by the remnants of storm Ophelia, the ALB escorted the ILB back to Dunbar before heading back to Torness. Both boats were refuelled and ready for service at 4.10pm. 

ALB: Mark Anderson, Gipper Ainslie, Alistair Punton, Andrzej Hajduk and Douglas Wight

ILB: Gary Crowe, Rowan Davies and Rebecca Miller