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Both Boats Launched to Emergency at Pease Bay 1/7/17

Dunbar's lifeboat crews were called to Pease Bay for the second time in four days - and tasked for the third time in a week - on Saturday evening.

UK Coastguard received a report that a female was hurt near rocks close to the holiday park. Both the inshore lifeboat (ILB), the Jimmy Miff, and the all weather lifeboat (ALB), the John Neville Taylor, were launched. 

By the time both boats reached Pease Bay, the casualty was being attended to by medics from the Scottish Ambulance Service and Coastguard teams and both assets were stood down.


ILB: Gordon Kirkham, Laura Kirkham, Alan Blair, Gary Crowe

ALB: Gary Fairbairn, Alistair Punton, Jamie Forrester, Ross McMullen, Rowan Davies, Kevan Jamieson, Quentin Dimmer, Douglas Wight