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All weather lifeboat launched to a fishing vessel tail tied 01/12/16

Credit: Gaz Crowe

DUNBAR volunteer crew had a rude awakening on Thursday morning when their pagers sounded at 6.14am after a fishing boat had become tail tied in its own nets.

The all weather lifeboat (ALB) was launched minutes later to assist the stricken vessel Spitfire, which was drifting six miles north of Torness.

Credit: Gaz Crowe

On reaching the Spitfire a tow was quickly established with its three man crew. The lifeboat began towing the boat back to Dunbar but the state of the tide meant they faced a five hour wait until it was safe to enter the harbour.

Credit: Kenny Maulie

Credit: Kenny Maulie

The lifeboat crew manoeuvred the Spitfire to a safe berth at around 12.40pm before returning to Torness where it was refuelled and readied for service.

The latest shout was also notable for being coxswain Gordon Mackay's first at the helm.

Gordon said: "As always, the crew are happy to help and it was great to see so many bright and early - one crew member was even still in his pyjamas."


Crew: Gordon Mackay, Gary Fairbairn, Alistair Punton, Gaz Crowe, Jamie Forrester, Ross McMullen, Chris Woods, Douglas Wight


Credit pictures below: Gaz Crowe & Kenny Maulie