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ALB Launched to vessel with fouled propeller east of North Berwick

The crew of Dunbar Lifeboat were paged on Saturday evening at 17:52 after a vessel contacted Aberdeen Coastguard with reports of a fouled propeller 5 miles north east of Dunbar.

The all weather lifeboat was launched from Torness with an update from Aberdeen that the vessel was near the bass rock and not 5 miles n/e of Dunbar.

The ALB made best speed towards the casualty vessel.  Once on scene a crew member was transferred to assist with securing the tow rope. The vessel was from Port Seton but was advised it was easier to head to North Berwick. The ALB towed the vessel just outside the harbour were North Berwick ILB was tasked to assist with manoeuvring the vessel into the harbour. 

After North Berwick lifeboat were on scene they informed the crew it would be possible to moor along side another vessel just outside the harbour to free the propeller. North Berwick ILB took over the tow and secured the vessel to outer mooring.

Dunbars ALB then returned home to be refuelled and made ready for service.