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ALB launched to vessel in Storm Force 10 winds

Dunbar Lifeboat Launched just after 13:20 today after a member of public called the coastguard having concerns about a boat he could see from the land and thought they maybe in trouble with the wind. Aberdeen Coastguard soon made contact with the Vessel that was on passage from Whitby to Macduff. The Vessel had lost 1 engine and was having steering problems as well and was making no head way due to the wind. Once the Lifeboat launched it was decided to take the casualty back to Torness were the Station Mechanic could look at his engine problems and assist him on his way. Due to the nature it was deemed to dangerous for the casualty to stay there so Dunbar Lifeboat towed the vessel back to Dunbar Harbour. Once the vessel was safely tied up along side the Lifeboat transferred pumps onboard to pump out the water the vessel had made while being towed.


Dunbar Lifeboat recorded the wind on scene at 52 Kts which is a Storm Force 10 on the Beaufort Scale