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ALB Launched to reports of a boat adrift at Thortonloch

Aberdeen coastguard requested the launch of the ALB at 18:31 after a member of the public reported a boat which appeared to be adrift around 300 yards offshore at Thortonloch. The ALB launched from Torness harbour at 18:50 and upon reaching the casualty vessel, it turned out to be Charlie Pitcher, who is currently attempting to row solo around Britain.  Charlie had deployed his anchor with the intention of waiting out the weather before continuing on his journey.

The coxswain advised Charlie that although he was sheltered at that time, the weather was forecast to deteriorate and where he was anchored would not remain sheltered.  It was decided to take the boat under tow to Dunbar harbour to await the weather improving before continuing. Given the size of the vessel and the sea conditions, the ALB towed the vessel at around 6 knots back up to Dunbar, at which point the ILB was launched to take over the tow and bring the vessel safely into the harbour. 

After managing to borrow some fenders to allow the boat to moor outside another boat in the harbour without damaging the outriggers, the boat was made fast and the ILB returned to station.  

Both lifeboats were refuelled and ready for service at 20:50.