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ALB & ILB Launched to small pleasure craft East of Torness


Last Tuesday morning both Dunbar lifeboats were launched to a small pleasure craft who was believed to have been about 4 miles east of Torness. The vessel contacted Aberdeen Coastguard with reports of engine failure with 2 persons on board. Once both lifeboats were launched the ALB arrived on scene first and conducted a shore line search as they were informed the casualty had anchored in a small bay for shelter.  After a long search the ALB had a visual of the casualty but due to the height of tide was unable to reach the vessel so the ILB proceeded to its location. Once on scene Dunbar’s ILB recovered the vessel and towed them out to safety were they transferred the 2 crew members to the ALB.

The inshore lifeboat then proceeded with the tow back to the Cove harbour, where Dunbar’s Coastguard team were waiting to assist with securing the vessel in the harbour. After the boat was secure the ILB then transferred the 2 crew members safely from the ALB to the harbour and to the waiting coastguard team.

Both Lifeboats then made their way back to station where they were refuelled and made ready for service again

ilb&alb tow job