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Alarm Raised for Drifting Dinghy 15/6/19


Dunbar’s volunteer lifeboat crew launched yesterday (Saturday) to investigate an inflatable dinghy spotted drifting not far from the harbour.

The crew of the inshore lifeboat (ILB) found the dinghy unmanned and damaged near the Scart Rock after the alarm was raised at 6.25pm. They discovered the dinghy was a tender for one of the boats in the harbour. It had been damaged in the recent bad weather and had been left on the side of the harbour for repairs. Youths were spotted dumping the inflatable into the water shortly before it was seen drifting towards the rocks.

The ILB crew recovered the dinghy and returned it to the vessel.

The incident highlighted the risk of setting adrift any kind of craft as it could divert crews from genuine emergencies. It was also a reminder for anyone using inflatables of the ease in which they can be blown off shore.

Crew: Gordon Kirkham, Jamie Forrester, Allan Ross, Kieran Fairbairn