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All Weather Lifeboat Launched to Fishing Vessel With Engine Problems 26/7/18

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On Thursday evening while some of the volunteer crew were conducting a sea safety visit with Dunbar sea cadets, and Dunbar's inshore lifeboat was out on exercise, a local fishing vessel contacted UK coastguard with engine problems just west of the bass rock.  Due to the size of the vessel the all weather lifeboat was requested to launch. The crew made the 7 mile journey by station land rover to Torness, launching just after 19:30 and made best speed towards the casualty vessel. 


Once on scene the crew passed a tow over and proceed back towards Dunbar harbour, however due to the state of tide both boats could not enter into the harbour until 22:30. Shortly after 22:30 the all weather lifeboat towed the fishing vessel into the harbour where she was tied up along side the pier with help from Dunbar and North Berwick coastguard. 

Dunbar's all weather lifeboat then returned to Torness were it was refulled and made ready for service at 23:00. 

Crew; Gary Fairbairn, Gordan Kirkham, Adrian Lavery, Gaz Crowe, Ross McMullen, David Koch.