Rough Weather for Dunbar's Passage Crew

Spare a thought for the crew of Dunbar Lifeboat who are the first leg of Lifeboat 14-35’s journey to its refit In Ireland. Crew member’s Gary Fairbairn, Mark Anderson, Alistair Punton, Iain McDougal, Alan Blair, Stuart Pirie and Gaz Crowe left Dunbar at 5am yesterday.

The crew are currently rounding the corner from Fair Isle off the North coast of Scotland into the Hebrides after a stopover at Fraserburgh last night.

The weather conditions are less than ideal though, with the latest forecast issued by the met office this morning predicting severe gale 9 with a predicted wave height up to 9 meters.

The next stop for the crew is Portree where they will spend another night before heading on to Oban. The weather conditions in this area however are worse still, with a Storm 10 expected in the next 12 hours.

Certainly sounds like its turning into an interesting trip for our guys.

Once reaching Oban the crew will be headed home before another crew departs Dunbar to take the boat the rest of the way to Ireland.