Our greatest supporters

As a way of saying thank you to some of the crew's greatest supporters, we invited them down to the station for the afternoon.  These supporters are those that put up with us going out of an evening for a couple of hours training instead of helping put the kids to bed. They put up with mum or dad disappearing at a moment's notice when their pagers sound, without knowing if they'll be back in an hour or back much, much later. We get all the credit but without them supporting us, we couldn't do what we do.

So at lunchtime today, some of the crew brought the All Weather boat up from it's mooring at Torness into the harbour.  After showing the kids (and big kids!) around the boat, letting them sit up at the controls and pretend to be lifeboat crew for the day, it was all back to the station for cakes, colouring and training for our future crew.

A huge thank you to the crew who organised today and brought the boat up, from all the families and friends.